GRCMAX® Solution Methodological Basis

The solution name is taken of the basis methodology that supports and develop the GRC concept as a set of capabilities that must be integrated and articulated in order to achieve the entity objectives:

Governance Capability. The ability to govern, manage and ensure results. It is developed through the axes of Governing Body, Senior and Operational Management; Supervision and Monitoring Management and Internal Audit.

Principled Performance Capability. The ability to achieve objectives while addressing uncertainty acting with Integrity-OCEG. It is developed through the axes of Performance, Risk, Control, Compliance.

Enterprise Architecture Capability. The ability to align business Objectives with operational results. It is developed through the axes of Strategy, Organization and Resources, Processes, Information, Applications and Technology-TOGAF.

GRC Solutions

The capabilities integration is achieved by articulating the following solutions:


Cost Savings
Reduce operational costs due to redundancies and ineffective actions.
High efficiency
Increase the effectiveness of risk management and controls against unexpected losses.
Cloud operation
100% Cloud environment and available in own infrastructure.
Knowledge base available and applicable to each solution.
Achieve reliable objectives, aligning strategy with processes, information and operation.
Ensure optimal levels of regulatory and internal compliance.
Reasonable costs
Cost – benefit competitive in the market.
Functional system
Intelligent solution with articulated modules and diagnostic models.

Solution Management Cycle

The solutions for a GRC project operate through three main stages, which articulate the different modules and allow establishing degrees of maturity, development and monitoring of results:

Regulatory Convergence

An added value of the solution is that it allows to incorporate, align and articulate different standards and regulatory frameworks generating efficiencies in the management of GRC projects.

Suite Modules

The solutions are articulated through a set of modules that make it possible to achieve integrated results.

  • Information assets
  • Data analysis
  • Documentary archive
  • Internal Audit
  • Time Control
  • Competition
  • Performance
  • Diagnostics
  • Documents
  • Survey
  • Workflow
  • Form
  • Incidents
  • Plan of action
  • Portfolio of Initiatives
  • Problem
  • Processes
  • Projects
  • Request
  • Risks
  • Evaluation test

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